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The @proofme bot

Add the @proofme bot to the channels where you post the files to be shared. When someone uploads a file to a channel with the bot, it will create a proof with that file and post the proof link as a file comment, so that everyone can collaborate on the uploaded file visually, even when the original poster didn't think of making a proof. Now, depending on your team's posting habits, this can get a bit noisy, so the bot gives you the option to create a proof on the file only when you mention it in the file comment — pretty handy!

The @proofme bot also automatically updates the proof link in Slack with reviewer decisions, version uploads and due date changes, giving everyone in the channel instant visibility into the proof status even if they are not directly participating in the review.

The /proofme command

Have a link to a file you want to share and start collaborating on? Use the slash command to create a proof right inside Slack, without ever having to jump to another app. Create multi-file proofs, link to websites, videos on Youtube and Vimeo, your Dropbox / Box / Google Drive / One Drive files or other files on the web. Wondering about the status of your recent proofs? Use the command to quickly list out the ten most recent proofs you created or are a part of. Here are a few examples:

Create a proof for any content you have a link to

/proofme https://vimeo.com/158549163

Set a due date for your proof using natural language

/proofme https://vimeo.com/158549163 due tomorrow

Invite your Slack team members to review the proof

/proofme https://vimeo.com/158549163 @eve @lilly

Share the proof link in any channel

/proofme https://vimeo.com/158549163 #review

Do it all at once!

/proofme https://vimeo.com/158549163 @eve @adam due Tue #specs

Oh, and the syntax works with the @proofme bot in file comments!

Watch the demo

Get notified in Slack

Prefer to work off Slack rather than email? Us too! Turn on the option to receive your ProofMe notifications in Slack, and whenever someone comments or makes a decision on a proof you're in, you'll receive a notification like this:

More awesomeness on the way

Hundreds of teams use our Slack integration to make their conversations around all types of digital content more contextual, more productive and more fun — and yet that's just scratching the surface of what's coming in the next couple of months. The coolest bit? Install the integration today and you'll receive regular feature updates and improvements without any extra work on your part!

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