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Canva democratizes graphic design by making it easy for anyone to create great digital content. ProofMe democratizes content review and collaboration by making it easy for anyone to get feedback on and refine their digital work.

Like Canva, ProofMe is free to use as long as you want — with an unlimited number of reviewers. Use them together and you'll be unstoppable.

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A modern, beautiful review and approval app,ProofMe radically simplifies the way people collaborate and get feedback on their designs, documents, videos and more.

Here's how it works with Canva:

Share with ease

Canva already includes an option to share your design via email — the problem is that you're stuck in a clunky email chain for design feedback. After you install ProofMe for Canva, clicking the Share button at the top of Canva's design editor will reveal the Make a Proof option, which exports a copy of your design to ProofMe where you and your reviewers can mark up your design.

Once you click Make a Proof, your design will export and you'll be able to invite people to review your design. Click Add Reviewers to import your contacts from services like Gmail and Slack, or just type in the email addresses of people you want to invite. You can also set a deadline to give reviewers a due date for giving their feedback.

Get real feedback that gets real results

Just click the Annotate button and you'll be able to mark up areas, draw lines, highlight/strikeout text, take measurements and color samples and add comments.

Keep your work-in-progress progressing

Once your proof is set in motion, you can go back to work on your masterpiece or wait for the feedback to roll in. An Open Proof button will now be present on the header of your proof.

Indispensable Versioning

Once you gather some feedback, you'll likely have some changes you want to make to your design. When you're done editing your original Canva design, click the Share button again and then click Update Proof to add your new design as version 2 of your original proof. Reviewers will get notified automatically when there is new work to review. It's easy to access previous versions, so you'll also have a neat archive of your design process!

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More awesomeness on the way

Thousands of people are already using ProofMe to simplify their design process and get better results. Install the ProofMe for Canva Integration and take it for a spin. The ProofMe for Canva integration is just one of many integrations we've made to improve the lives of creatives all over the world. We're constantly adding more tools and features to help you do your best work.

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